Ankle Sprains

A Sprained Ankle is often the result of the stretching of the ligaments that provide support to the ankle, typically caused by a sudden and forceful twist or turn of the foot. This injury manifests in symptoms such as pain, swelling, and restricted movement in the ankle that has been affected. There are many different grades of ankle sprains ranging from mild to severe.

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                How To Help With Your Pain

    • For the first 72 hours: Rest the ankle, apply ice packs for 15-20 minutes every few hours, use compression bandages or tape, and elevate the ankle above heart level to reduce swelling.
    • Pain Management: Over-the-counter pain relievers can help manage pain, holistic medicine can be just as effective, without the side effects!
    • Gentle Movement and Exercise: After 72 hours, start gentle ankle movements and perform exercises recommended by a healthcare professional to improve flexibility and strength.
    • Massage: Seeking therapy can aid in the rehabilitation process, ensuring the ankle heals properly and gains back its strength and range of motion.
    • Taping: This can be done by a professional such as ourselves who are trained to tape the ankle most effectively for you or you can follow the below link for assistance on self-taping methods.

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How Lincs Injury Can Help You

  • Assessment: Assess the severity of the sprain to determine if there are additional injuries, such as fractures, that might require further investigation.
  • Prevent Chronic Issues: A treatment plan for faster healing and to help prevent chronic instability or recurring ankle problems in the future.
  • Professional Guidance: Provide guidance on recovery, recommend specific exercises, and advise on returning to normal activities. Such as Netball, Football, Running, Weight Lifting, Walking.