Meet the Team

  • Emma BK- Clinic Owner

    She is the “Go To Girl” for Exercise/Rehab Prescription & Sports Performance
    Emma loves to train and keeo healthy, she does CrossFit and has a geeky obsession with movment, injuries, and keeping pain free. She is determined to help you become 'Fit for Purpose' to increase your quality of life with confidence and strength, free from pain, with the knowledge and understanding of your own body.
  • Jilly M- Senior Sports & Injury Massage Therapist

    The Giver Of Big Smiles, Great Treatment and Good Stories
    Jilly loves to push things to the extreme with her adventure walks, cheerleading and horse riding. Jilly's dedicated to rejuvenating your well-being. To make you feel great again, through movement, massage and health advice.
  • Tom M- Sports Massage Therapist

    The All Rounder, Exercise, PT and Massage
    Tom is an avid gym enthusiast and skilled volleyball player. He is studying his MSc to become a Physiotherapist. Tom thrives on aiding others in reclaiming their mobility through the power of massage therapy and restorative movements.
  • Scott B - Sports Massage Therapist

    The "Go To Guy" For a Deep Sports Massage & Chat
    Scott loves going to the gym, football and playing golf. He's all about getting to know you while helping you maintain and restore your movement to prevent those pesky injuries. Scott's got a bag full of tricks up his sleeve, and his favorite one is using Dry Cupping Therapy to supercharge your treatments.
  • Georgia M- Sports Massage Therapist

    The "Up & Coming" Injury Therapist
    Georgia recently hung up her dancing shoes and joined our incredible team. She's already diving headfirst into pain management with the Lincs Injury Way. Georgia's passion for learning knows no bounds as she constantly seeks to enhance her skills and expand her knowledge of injury and rehabilitation. With her exceptional expertise, Georgia has honed her own unique specialty, allowing her to provide targeted treatments for those nagging headaches and jaw pain.
  • Andrea B - Clinic Receptionist & PA

    The One Behind The Scenes
    Andrea is the lady who looks after you, she works from home and cares for her wonderful husband who unfortuantely has been diagnosed with dementia. She is the one who looks after you, as well as the team. She sorts out your appointments, and checks in on you during your treatments, and answers any questions you may have. Andrea has a passion for giving you reassurance, and putting a smile onto what could be a stressful day.