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Whiplash • Slips & Trips • Falls • Sprains • Strains • Tears/Rupture • Herniated Discs • Fractures • Dislocations • Shoulder Injuries • Sports Injuries • Loss of Strength • Stroke • Dyspraxia • Major Trauma •



Medical Forms, Screened Assessments, Activation/Strength Tests, may involve video analysis (depending on stage of injury). Discussing and planning the next steps of your rehabilitation.



Manual Therapy on the injury and surrounding muscles, Conditioning Exercises, possible Taping & Strapping, *Hydrotherapy if needed, ** NLP Sessions if needed


£30 – £45

Depending on the Injury and stage of treatment, follow-ups can vary in treatment and in duration, e.g. Manual Therapy, Strength & Conditioning Exercises, **Neuro Linguistic Programming Sessions.

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“I’ve been to various physios and practitioners over the years and Emma is the only person who has ever succeeded in making long-term positive changes to my muscles and posture and dramatically reducing the pain!”

— Sophie WicksClinical Psychologist


“After suffering with numerous injuries over the years. A few visits so far to Emma has really seen some major improvements can’t thank you enough highly recommend!”


— Matt TownsendMotor Cross Rider.

“A damaged intercostal muscle had meant I couldn’t work out properly and had poor posture. In only a few sessions, Emma had me able to work out, had my shoulders and neck physically straighter and broader and gave me more freedom of movement than I’ve ever had in my upper body. Fantastic work.”

James – Secondary School Teacher

" This is my seventh year being with Emma, I have had various treatments over the years, mainly on my Back and Neck.

Through Injury and Accidents, and ill health I have had treatment from Emma where the NHS have failed me. They basically said, do light exercise and keep your weight down. isn’t that the answer to everything. With Emma she listened.

I was sent to her after a GP referral and attended a 20 week course, which led to me going to see her now weekly. I was unable to move my neck properly as it had “locked up” and through one course she had managed to get it back in place and exercise and manipulation has kept it so.

I then asked her if she could do anything for my back. As a result of an injury in 1996 it has been playing me up. Deep Tissue Massage and maintenance has also kept it in place over the years.

Over the years I have developed other health issues such as arthritis, fibro, osteo and a bike accident. All these have been helped by my visits to Emma. I have also had the pleasure to add her to my list of close friends, and have seen her achieve all her aims to help others. This is why I recommend any one to go and visit her, should you be an athlete or in poor health and see if her techniques can help you personally. I have used her for both. Thank you. Chris"