Tom M

Sports Massage Therapist

The All Rounder, Exercise, PT and Massage

Hi! I’m Tom, a Sports Massage Therapist here at LINCSinjury. I’m studying my MSc, at the University of Lincoln to become a Physiotherapist. An avid gym enthusiast and a keen volleyball player. My passion lies in aiding others to reclaim their mobility and pain-free living through the power of education, exercise and massage.

Works With

. Sports Massage & Injury Rehabilitation

. Chronic Pain Management

. Stroke Rehabilitation

.Cupping & Blading

.Gym Instruction

Treatment Times

Mondays 1000-1500

Tuesdays 1500-1800

Appointments with Tom

  • Consultation 40mins
    For New Patients & New Injuries
  • Follow Up 25mins
    Exercise/Manual Therapy
  • Follow Up 45mins
    Exercise/Maual Therapy
  • Sports Massage 25min
    Specific Area Treatment
  • Sports Massage 55mins
    Half Body Treatment
  • Gait Analysis 30mins

Re-Scheduling with Tom

Consultation 40minsFollow Up 25minsFollow Up 45minsSports Massage 25minsSports Massage 45mins