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move better.perform better.last longer

Strength and Conditioning Based Exercise, specifically programmed to YOUR sport.

Focusing on the key areas of fitness and reduction of injury risk. Areas of expertise are in Swimming, Running, Crossfit and Biking.

Backdoor Bootcamps on Brant Road


Work on your Strength and Conditioning 

Taking the worry away from a gym environment

+Learn Good Lifting Techniques

+ The Importance of varied Training

+Develop the muscular strength & endurance

+ Off Peak Training

Expand your Running Knowledge - 1 FULL DAY

Perfect for Running Fanatics, Run Leaders, Personal Trainers, Run Coaches, Sports Therapists

We will teach you the heart of running well

We will focus on structuring a training programme to suit you, give you the tools to recognise good form vs bad form and efficient training vs overtraining / undertraining; explanations into the basic sciences behind running efficiently and examples + handouts 

The areas we will be looking into are:

+ Running Form (Cadence, arms, hills etc)

+ Programme Planning (Tempo/Intervals/ LSD/ junk miles)

+ Specific S+C Exercises for Runners

+ Common Injuries

+ Running Efficient & Effective warm-ups

+ Goal Setting


Date : TBC


Time: 0900-1700

Price: £150


 MAX 6-8 people

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Coaches / Instructors



Tom Gelder - Personal Trainer and Triathlon Coach

'The Body'

Hi I'm Tom, I am a keen triathlete and runner who has participated in many sporting events over the years. These include triathlons of all distances (from sprint to iron man), running races of all distances, road races, cross country and fell.I have recently discovered the sport of 'swim-run' and loving every minute of training and racing. It would be fair to say I am never happier than when he is running up a mountain, swimming in the sea or a freezing cold lake. If I'm testing my mind and body then I'm happy!

I also have an enormous passion for sharing his knowledge and love for everything fitness with as many people as possible. This is why I am focused on helping with the S+C for Runners as it is something which is missed out of a lot of peoples training, and it vital for success; I wouldn't be where I am now if it wasn't for my regular S+C work!


Emma Burgon-Kisby - Sports and Remedial Therapist/ S&C Coach

' The Brains'

Hi I'm Emma, Owner of @LINCSinjury.

I am a bit of a geek when it comes to movement, especially in Runners as I see many injuries throughout various sports and running tends to be the underlying reason of their 'niggles'. My Qualifications vary a lot mainly from rehab to internal biomechanics/movement patterns, also I have completed running coaching qualifications as well as thorough gait analysis screening and risks of potential injuries, but I love working on the performance side and seeing people smash their PBs too.

We structure the programmes mainly lead with research and my experience, then 'run' (excuse the pun) through the exercises with Tom and Alice to get a fantastic feel of why these particular exercises and focus points will help with Running.

My passion these days is Functional Movement and Strength, and I am an active Crossfit member, this type of training focuses on Power Lifting (olympic lifts), Gymnastics and Cardio. 

Alice Carter - Sports Development and Coaching / Fitness fanatic

' The Runner'

Hi, I'm Alice and I think it is safe to say I am a running enthusiast! I have not always been a runner though, and was once a very keen footballer, playing at various levels and also gaining numerous coaching qualifications.

It was when I moved to Lincoln to study Sport Development and Coaching at the University that this triggered a change. I lost interest in football and became more focused on gym and fitness. Whilst logging regular treadmill runs a fellow gym member encouraged me to enter the Lincoln 10k and the rest, as they say, is history. Training for and completing my first marathon was a special experience and led me to developing a particular passion for marathon running. 26.2 miles is my favourite type of race, but I also love taking part in parkrun and running pretty much every distance in between!