Do you run with an overstride?

Is overstriding bad for you?

When you are running, you want to aim to land the underneath your body, this helps to cushion the impact as you strike the floor.

Running with an overstride style can put a lot more pressure on your joints as you impact the ground, this can cause contribute to overuse injuries overtime such as stress fractures and tendinopathy

Running in this style actually SLOWS you down, by shortening your stride and landing underneath your body, you put yourself into a better 'spring like' position ready to take that next step!

How do I know if I overstride when I run?

  • Where does your foot land?


  • Have you got a low Cadence? (Under an average 170 SPM)


  • Do you wear the heel of your trainer out?


  • Does your foot land in front of the knee?


Still not sure?

Take a Video Analysis - by a professional or a friend!

Overstride. Cushioned

Drills help reduce your Overstride

Try these Top 3 Drills to help you to shorten your stride.

Then retry these using the metronome below to help encourage a higher cadence too!

Do you get Hip Pain when you run?

Top 5 Exercises to Strengthen your Hips and Glutes


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