Build your Bullet Proof Shoulders

Our shoulders have the ability to move in many different directions (it is the most mobile join in you body. Looking after your stabiliser muscles can help us to build muscle and protect our shoulders from injury and overuse – Emma Burgon-Kisby.MSTA There are many reasons why you may struggle to build muscle around your…

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How to treat a Frozen Shoulder

Frozen Shoulder

Do you want more help with your Frozen Shoulder? Let LINCSinjury know your story so we can help you on a one to one. Find Out How We Can Help ‘Frozen Shoulder’ Exercises Frozen Shoulder is a ‘generic’ name given to a shoulder that has limited movement. They can be extremely painful not to mention…

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Top 5 Exercises for Lower Back Pain

Exercises to help ease Lower Back Pain Do you suffer with lower back pain? Are you tired of trying stretches? Are you fed up of popping pills? These exercises may just be what you need to get you started again and some confidence back into your back. – Emma B-K There are many reasons why…

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