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What is the best way to relieve hip pain?

Managing your Hip Pain


"There are many different reasons you may suffer from Hip Pain, the majority of the time, it is because we do not go through enough hip movements throughout the day."


There are many reasons why you maybe experiencing hip pain.

The most common reason for hip pain is degeneration, through the lack of movement and strength -not your age, or 'wear and tear'!.

As humans in 2022, we often sit for too long, and we don't move the same way we did as children, playing games, sprinting, changing directions, spinning ourselves in a circle- we lack imagination and variety. 

It is best to start with movement and strength, however hip pain can be caused by other factors too, then if you are not seeing any signs of improvements, it would be best speaking with a Therapist or your GP. 

Top 5 Exercises for Hip Pain

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