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Top 5 Exercises for Hip Pain when Running

Why do my Hips/Glutes hurt when I run?

"Why do my hips/glutes hurt when I run? I can't go more than 20 paces without pain and if I run further it spreads down my outer thighs. How can I manage this?"

- Emma Kinna

There are many reasons why you may experience pain in the hips and glutes when you are running, particularly if you are new to running.

The most common reasons why new runners tend to suffer with 'running niggles' is because your body hasn't adapted enough yet.

HOWEVER pain in the hip area is usually due to to the muscles not been strong enough to cope with the load as the foot strikes the ground and often beginner runners tend to run with an overstride style, this is more similar to the walking gait, this can put a lot more strain onto the joints as they impact the ground.

When you are running, you want to aim to land the heel underneath the body, this helps to cushion the impact as you strike the floor.

Top 5 Exercises for Hip Pain when Running

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