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How to treat a Frozen Shoulder

Do you want more help with your Frozen Shoulder?

Let LINCSinjury know your story so we can help you on a one to one.

'Frozen Shoulder' Exercises

Frozen Shoulder is a 'generic' name given to a shoulder that has limited movement. They can be extremely painful not to mention frustrating!

Many factors can contribute to you being diagnosed with a 'frozen shoulder' including jobs, hobbies, age, hormones, muscle loss, muscle gain, trauma.

Managing a frozen shoulder can be tricky, and there isn't a simple solution.

Try this methodical approach to treating your frozen shoulder and see the difference.

1. Move

STOP protecting the shoulder and get it doing as much as you can!

Having 2-3 Sessions of Sports Massage can really help bring some movement back to the shoulder by taking the arm through a safe range of movement.

Relaxing your tense and tired muscles that are compensating for the reduced movement in the shoulder.

Complete a series of basic movement, 6-10 times a day for 1 week


2. Activate

Wake up your muscles again.

*Remember to continue to keep moving the shoulder as much as you can

Here are some simple activation exercises to start to 'prime' your shoulder for more movement.

Complete the series of exercises for 1-2 weeks.

https://youtu.be/SA976gaHNMA https://youtu.be/y992vCFekDc https://youtu.be/gH2TpmRWgxo

3. Strengthen

Bring back Functional Movement to your shoulder.

*Remember to continue to keep moving the shoulder as much as you can

Here are some simple strength exercises to start to increase your shoulder movement and function.

Complete the series of exercises for 2-4 weeks.

Daily 8-12reps x 4 sets (throughout the day)

https://youtu.be/gxyzxewqrkY https://youtu.be/Dh00hnznfDs
https://youtu.be/AFd-9uvddu4 https://youtu.be/XRncrBxifss https://youtu.be/o0HXfHGgiVY
https://youtu.be/o0HXfHGgiVY https://youtu.be/h3n5j98vua8 https://youtu.be/rTaLM1WJLIQ https://youtu.be/CTtFk7GCQk4 https://youtu.be/XRncrBxifss

4. Repeat

LINCSinjury Emma
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Audrey Jarvis MediumAudrey Jarvis Medium
18:13 27 Apr 22
I am so pleased that I went to see Emma. Already she has made a big difference to my recovery and I have only seen her twice. Her knowledge and experience shine through I feel safe in her hands and encouraged I'm confident but she will help me two full recovery and to reach my goals.Thank you Emma.
Jodie BushellJodie Bushell
07:56 22 Apr 22
I've been seeing Emma for about a year now, I have recommended her to several friends and wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone seeking a sports physio. I used to think of sports massage as something that I only had when I had a niggle or was injured. Now I see it as an integral part of my training.Emma has helped me prepare for some big events (and recover from them!) She is very knowledgeable and has given me lots of useful advice and corrective exercises that have made me stronger as a runner. I've also been doing Emma's strength classes targeted at runners and I'm sure they've also helped me massively.
Becky MitchellBecky Mitchell
14:17 19 Apr 22
I went to Emma after injuring my foot/knee and really struggling with range of motion, pain, lack of strength etc. It was impacting what I could do in the gym. Emma did a great job of explaining to me what the issue was, why it was causing the pain and lack of movement and gave me appropriate exercises to do to build up strength. I had three sessions with Emma, each time adding more exercises to help as my recovery progressed. I am now pain free and back to doing all the movements at the gym and have been able to compete. Emma's knowledge and skills are incredible and her ability to explain all this to someone who doesn't have that same level of knowledge is great!! 😁
Lewis SumnerLewis Sumner
07:35 16 Apr 22
Emma took time to listen to my issues, make sure I got what I was wanting from my treatment and worked with me to get the most out of the session. She also helped explain home stretches and exercises to help me going forward, her knowledge is vast and is definitely worth seeing!Brilliant pressure and technique, I’m fairly sensitive and she found that perfect balance between what I could handle and getting the tense areas released, Emma is someone who truly understands her profession and has great ability in her hands!Definitely recommend!
Kristie HolroydKristie Holroyd
17:11 13 Apr 22
Emmas knowledge within her profession is off the scale. She gave my teenage son lots of good advice to help him progress with his training. Her friendly nature enables her to relate well to all age groups. After care and rehabilitation is explained carefully and easy to follow and Emma is always contactable if you need further advice or reassurance. I would highly recommend Lincs injury.
Danica MaierDanica Maier
08:01 13 Apr 22
LINCSinjury and Emma is really great - I would completely recommend her. She knows her stuff and always sorts me out. No guilt from her when I don’t do my exercises and very positive when i make good progress. She’s shifted tight muscles and generally helps keep me going! (Me = 48 yr old women). She is easy going, location is great. She will be able to help.
Caroline PaingCaroline Paing
10:22 04 Apr 22
Emma is friendly and welcoming. She offers consultations in a comfortable and professional environment. My sessions with her have helped me to understand my injury and to learn how to improve it alongside her therapeutic treatments. I highly recommend LINCSInjury.
James ThorogoodJames Thorogood
14:19 27 Mar 22
Emma is really caring and knowledgeable. With her help, I’ve been able to return to long walks after a year of not feeling able to due to a knee injury. I always feel so much more confident about fixing my injury after our sessions.
Dave GraingerDave Grainger
11:53 22 Mar 22
As always Emma gave a great massage. She is an effective professional and friendly therapist. Would heartily recommend LINCSinjury.
Paula EllwoodPaula Ellwood
15:51 28 Feb 22
I really enjoyed the sports massage by Tom today.He was very knowledgeable , explaining everything he did and made sure the areas where I was having issues spent more time on them.I would book again and also recommend it. Tom also gave me some tips to work on at home.x
11:51 08 Feb 22
I've been putting up with a sore shoulder which meant I had a limited range of movement and reduction of strength for 2+ years. I had tried all sorts of google/home remedies and even bought a massage gun.. All of which helped to a degree, but nothing was permanent.LINCSinjusry Emma was recommended to me by a friend and I thought I'd give physio a go.I got booked in and had my first consultation - Emma was very welcoming, polite and the issue was diagnosed straight away. After some stretches and 're-setting' I was given some rehab exercises to do at home. Even after one visit, my shoulder felt fantastic!Moving forward. Once my shoulder is back to being 100%, I will be booking regular 'maintenance sessions' with LINCSinjury EMMA.
Mónika HöllerMónika Höller
12:20 26 Jan 22
Emma is a professional therapist.I felt a lot better after the therapy.I would highly recommend her.
Emma in Clinic

Do you want more help with your Frozen Shoulder?

Let LINCSinjury know your story so we can help you on a one to one.

Sports Massage

Tight muscles? Have you thought about having a Sports/Deep Tissue Massage? You will feel better, more mobile, less stressed as well as increase your recovery.

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