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Build your Bullet Proof Shoulders


Our shoulders have the ability to move in many different directions (it is the most mobile join in you body.

Looking after your stabiliser muscles can help us to build muscle and protect our shoulders from injury and overuse

- Emma Burgon-Kisby.MSTA

There are many reasons why you may struggle to build muscle around your shoulders, and therefore reduce your protection around the shoulder joint. 

Do you know how many muscles attach into our shoulders? 

Starting your training with Rotator Cuff exercises before working on our 'prime' movers can help to stabilise as well as mobilise our shoulder joint ready for completing the 'typical' shoulder exercises.

Shoulder Sequence for building your muscle

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Maintain your Shoulders with a Sports Massage

Tight muscles? Have you thought about having a Sports/Deep Tissue Massage? You will feel better, more mobile, less stressed as well as increase your recovery.

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