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What to wear for a Sports Massage?

"What you should wear for a massage, is a question that we get asked a lot!


The most important factor is that YOU feel comfortable with your Therapist ALL the time."

What to wear for a Sports Massage?

Massage therapists need to gain access to your body.

Wearing loose fitting clothes is ideal for your massage therapy.

If you are coming from work, the gym, or anywhere else, changing into these in the nearby changing room or toilets will save you time during your massage. The Massage therapist should also offer you a private area to change if you do not have any time before your appointment.

Upper Body Massage

  • You will be asked to undress the Upper body clothing to be removed (except the bra)
  • Wear a bra that unclips from the back
  • Wear bottoms that are loose around the waist
  • Remove jewellery that may get in the way of your treatment.
  • Tie your hair up to give full access to your neck.

Lower Body Massage

  • Wear Loose fitting Shorts / Skirt - tight clothing restricts the ability to reach the full leg and the hips.
  • Socks can be on / off - the choice is yours!

*Changing facilities / private screen should ALWAYS be available to you, regardless of a Clinic's size.

As the client, if you feel comfortable at any time, you should cease the treatment immediately. 

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