Foot Health Care Appointments

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Do you suffer with your feet?


👣 General Maintenance Tasks:

  • Cutting and filing of nails

  • Nail thickness reduced (if necessary)

  • Removal of hard skin.

Tailored Treatment (Consultation Required on first visit)

  • Corns & Callus

  • Black Toe Nails

  • Verrucas

  • Fungal Nail Infections

  • Diabetic Feet and more

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5 star reviews



Vikki Stuart – 7/10/23 –

First time appointment and can honestly say amazing with utmost professional treatment.  Everything was explained and very knowledgeable. Very friendly and helpful.  First class and my feet feel wonderful.


James – 5/11/23

Thank you for your time today – honestly the difference in my feet is amazing.


Michael Webb 4/11/23 –

I really wasn’t expecting my feet to feel so comfortable, the appointment exceeded my expectations and I will definitely be back.


Kay Parsons 2/11/23 –

I was instantly put at ease, my nails were treated and hard skin removed.  My  job involves a lot of time walking and standing and this treatment has definitely made work more comfortable.  I intend to continue with regular maintenance and not neglect my feet any longer. Highly recommend it.

My Top Three Treatments


1/ Callus removal 

Calluses on the feet are often caused by excess pressure and or friction.  This action leads to the accumulation of hardened skin cells (increased keratinisation), resulting in plaques of hard skin.  

Calluses affect many of us although they tend to occur most frequently for those that are frequently on their feet and athletes.  Calluses can be simply removed painlessly during a routine foot health appointment.


2/ Fungal Nail Treatment 

Fungal nail infections (onychomycosis) are a common nail condition occurring most frequently in the elderly, diabetics, smokers or those genetically predisposed. 

 External risk factors include those who undertake greater physical activity, increased exposure to working in damp conditions, ill fitting shoes and walking barefoot.  Infected nails often present as discoloured, eventually becoming thickened and crumbly.  Treatments include the pain free thinning of the thickened nail and application of topical treatments.


3/ Routine foot and nail Care due to reduced mobility

 Mobility can often be a limiting factor in maintaining regular and safe foot and nail care.  This can often lead to foot complaints that decrease mobility even further, such as foot pain due to overgrown thickened nails, callus formation, corns and fungal infections. 

 Regular care of the feet reduces falls risk in the elderly, reduces risk factors in those with diabetes, and has a positive impact on continued mobility and subsequent well being.