What do Osteopaths do?

By Emma Burgon-Kisby | May 22, 2022

Meet Cameron Reid – a Teacher and Practioner in Osteopathy What does an Osteopath do? An osteopath aims to restore the normal function and stability of the joints to help the body heal itself. Several techniques are used with the aim to reduce pain, improve movement and encourage blood flow. Is Osteopathy painful? Osteopathy is…

Frozen Shoulder

Exercises for a Frozen Shoulder

By Emma Burgon-Kisby | May 16, 2022

Do you want more help with your Frozen Shoulder? Let LINCSinjury know your story so we can help you on a one to one. Find Out How We Can Help ‘Frozen Shoulder’ Exercises Frozen Shoulder is a ‘generic’ name given to a shoulder that has limited movement. They can be extremely painful not to mention…

Top 5 Exercises for Lower Back Pain

By Emma Burgon-Kisby | May 16, 2022

Exercises to help ease Lower Back Pain Do you suffer with lower back pain? Are you tired of trying stretches? Are you fed up of popping pills? These exercises may just be what you need to get you started again and some confidence back into your back. – Emma B-K There are many reasons why…

Do you run with an overstride?

By Emma Burgon-Kisby | May 13, 2022

Is overstriding bad for you? When you are running, you want to aim to land the underneath your body, this helps to cushion the impact as you strike the floor. Running with an overstride style can put a lot more pressure on your joints as you impact the ground, this can cause contribute to overuse…

Top 5 Exercises for Hip Pain when Running

By Emma Burgon-Kisby | May 12, 2022

Why do my Hips/Glutes hurt when I run? “Why do my hips/glutes hurt when I run? I can’t go more than 20 paces without pain and if I run further it spreads down my outer thighs. How can I manage this?” – Emma Kinna There are many reasons why you may experience pain in the…

Tendinopathy in Runners

By Emma Burgon-Kisby | April 12, 2020

Tendinopathy in Runners One of the most common type of injuries I see within the Running Community, are related to tendons, this is generally known as tendinopathy (basically pain in the tendon). Tendons attach muscle to bone and have the potential to store energy for explosive power, as well as do many other cool things!…

Foam Rolling

Is foam rolling good for you?

By Emma Burgon-Kisby | April 9, 2020

Foam Rolling

What is the Core?

By Emma Burgon-Kisby | June 13, 2018

Hi guys, this is my first entry into a blog, and feeling quite nervous! This context is mainly for the general public rather than specific to other therapists / professionals within the industry, so it will be written in terms everyone can hopefully understand. So… What is the core? Mostly it’s a passing comment, but…