Would you like to perform better at your current sport?

Want to move better, feel more confident, improve your lifestyle, coming back from an injury?

We have the team to push and guide you to achieve your goal!


@LINCS Strength & Conditioning, we focus on taking exercises back to basics, to ensure you can move functionally and efficiently to unlock your full potential, whether this be improving on your sport, walking better, being able to get up from the floor etc. We are here to help you.

         Reduce Risk Of Injuries | Improve Overall Mobility | Falls Prevention Training | Optimise Sporting Performance | Reduce energy wastage | Improve Posture | Improve Chronic Pain | Achieve PBs

Weight Loss | Increase Muscle Tone | Nutrition | Tri Coaching | Pre & Post Op Rehab | Running Biomechanics| Mindset Coaching


During the Full Consultation, we take the time to get to know you.

We will discuss your goals, barriers to exercise, past medical history, injuries/pain, current levels of activity and experience, current food intake.

We will then be able to advance you of the next steps forward and partner you up with the correct person.

During the first session you will talk about your lifestyle, demonstrate basic movements and design a plan which suits your individual needs and over coming barriers such as time scales.

Primal Movement Screening / Functional Movement Assessment

Gives us a good base line as to where you are at now, and how to help you achieve your goals. Depending on what you would like to achieve, either a primal movement screen or the standard protocol of a Functional Movement Assessment taken from ‘The Running School’.

Gait | Bending | Squatting | Lunging | Twisting | Pushing | Pulling

Having a good stable posture within the primal movements are the essential building blocks to keep you injury free, mobile, and to achieve optimal self performance.

Dysfunction in any of these areas will be addressed and the correct coaching will be given to improve the way you move before going forward with specific goal related training